What should I look for in an adviser?

The process of completing a management buyout can be intense and sometimes stressful. A good corporate finance adviser will shoulder much of the burden associated with the MBO process, right up to the date of legal completion to allow you to keep your eye on the ball and continue running the business.

Ultimately you need to be comfortable working with the team you appoint. Are you confident in their ability to handle your buyout? Do you feel you can talk openly to them?

Do not hesitate to ask for several meetings before appointing an adviser, to be certain you will be able to work effectively with them.

Ask for references from past clients and from other professionals they work alongside on transactions.

Questions to ask a prospective adviser when considering appointing them.

Can the company’s accountants provide the advice? Do I need another adviser?

Most good accountancy firms have some experience of advising on management buyouts and will understand the process, but only the larger firms tend to have dedicated staff working on transactions.

Usually the accountants will act for the current shareholders. They would have a conflict of interest if they also acted for the management team. You want an adviser who is 100% committed to your interests with no conflict.

Do I need to be located close to Strategic Corporate Finance?

Strategic Corporate Finance work on management buyouts located across the North of England, the Midlands and East of England.

What does it cost?

Corporate finance advice is provided by highly skilled and experienced professionals and our fees reflect this level of skill and experience. Good professional advisers will be worth their fees many times over in negotiating a fundable deal for you, raising the finance, shouldering the burden of the buyout process and project managing the process through to a successful completion.

We are very happy to give a fee quote. To do so, we need a basic understanding of the business and the management team. We do not charge for initial meetings at which we would obtain this information.

Further information

What questions should I ask before appointing an adviser or a broker?

Why should I appoint a specialist adviser?


Every business is different and you may not be sure whether an MBO will be feasible.

A confidential discussion of your specific circumstances with an experienced member of our team might help to clarify things for you.

One of our team would be very happy to call you to give you an indicative view on the feasibility of an MBO and suggest the next steps. The discussion would be free of charge, strictly confidential and without any further obligation to use our services.

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